Pre-School and Daycare Parent Pickup App

Blast through child pickup using the latest geolocation parent pickup application on the market. Parents start their pickup journey on foot or in a car and the child care center is notified of the estimated arrival time.

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FetchKids keeps pickup lanes free and clear from anxious waiting parents by giving your team a headstart on getting the child ready for pickup. Happy, clean children with daily notes are handed off quickly to parents in order of their arrival. 

FetchKids, Pre-School and Daycare Parent Pickup App, improves pickups for all types of preschools and daycares instruction such as Montessori schools, language immersion schools, parochial/religious, international schools, daycare project-based, community, and special education schools. In addition, our secure solution integrates with a multitude of other preschool and daycare systems and tools to allow for privacy, security, communication, coordination, reporting, and more!

Here are some of the features that benefit our Pre-Schools & Daycare

  • Staff matches photos and/or drivers licenses plates in seconds through the app

  • Staff can electronically capture and store the signature of anyone who is picking up a child

  • If it helps your situation – staff can escort the child to the parent’s car or their loving arms so parents don’t have to park or come inside

  • Parents control authorized adults in a few clicks on their account

  • Parents can make last-minute changes to pickup schedule through the app

  • Pickups times are catprured to avoid parent conflict

  • Playdates and last minute changes are all done with no confusion or hassles

  • Easily manage complex summer camps schedules through the app

  • Mass emergency communication tool included!


  • 1. Schedule a quick product demonstration

  • 2. Sign up for services

  • 3. Configure your features & invite parents

  • 4. Parents create their accounts

  • 5. Parents start the app when they start their journey to the facility

  • 6. The staff gets children ready in order of expected arrival time

  • 7. Confirm authorized adult in seconds

  • 8. Happy parent and child skip way into the sunset

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