International Schools 

The leading student dismissal solution for International Schools across the globe. FetchKids uses geolocation mobile technology that revolutionizes the student dismissal process.

Our world-class student dismissal tracking system was developed as an easy-to-use, affordable mobile solution that increases security and reduces student pick-up time by half. Scale from one small school to hundreds of campuses across multiple countries in multiple languages. Track parents’ arrival times in ascending order, verify authorized adults in seconds and record pickup times for accurate aftercare billing. Parents and staff applaud our modern and effective application.

FetchKids integrates with your student information system and allows for multiple configurations for privacy, security, communication, coordination, reporting, and more. Wow parents and staff with a student dismissal app that is not only easy to use but also easy to configure. Schools coordinate complex student schedules with confidence by empowering staff to have all the latest updates from parents to allow different authorized adults to pick up students and communicate with school staff about sudden schedule changes.

Features that benefit our International Schools

  • FetchKids’ efficient process frees up teachers’ time so they can focus on teaching their students

  • Easy to set-up and configure

  • No special hardware or skill required making FetchKids one of the most affordable and advanced solutions on the market

  • Reduces school administrators’ time in the orchestration of daily dismissals

  • Geo technology is high-tech, modern and scalable

  • Use different dashboard settings and customizations across campuses to meet the needs of those individual schools

  • Accommodates complex student school schedules

  • Increase the perception of the value of the school with parents

  • Privacy and security assurance for all children and parents–a top need especially for those who are high-profile (celebrities, government officials, business executives)

  • Nanny, Au Pair, Family, and Playdate adult authentication is simple

  • Timestamp feature reduces parent/school discrepancies so aftercare is charged fairly

  • Integrates with all your SIS or other management systems

  • Mass emergency communication tool included!

How It Works for International Schools

  • 1st – School staff sets up account and integrates with Student Information System (SIS).

  • 2nd – The “Primary Parent” receives a customized invitation and instructions from the school in your preferred languages. The Primary Parent manages his/her own profile and the pickup schedules for his/her children. 

  • 3rd – Parents are empowered to make last-minute changes to pickup schedules without burdening the school staff. 

  • 4th – The after school pickup staff has a live list to confirm where each student needs to be for dismissal. They can view on the app or print comprehensive lists.

  • 5th – For pickups, staff can use the app on their personal smartphone or a school-provided tablet to manage on-site pickups in the designated areas. They instantly identify adults matching them with the student.

Any type of student dismissal can be tracked:

  • Car Pickups – Pickups Arriving list and map view keeps school staff informed as to the parents’ geographic location and arrival time. 

  • Walking Pickups – are the same as car pickups as parents can start the app once they are ready to leave for the school on foot.

  • Busses – Parents get an alert when the student gets on and off the bus.

  • After School programs – Parents can easily notify the school when children should be sent to after care. 

  • Carpool – Alerts are sent to all Primary Parents of the children in the carpool.