World-class System for tracking student dismissals via bus, car, on foot, and even rideshare for Schools and School Districts

Multi-campus student dismissal system built by a school administrator from the ground up to be the best in the world.

We can deploy a proof-of-concept for one campus and then pending that feedback, we can deploy across your district. Schedule a Demo to discuss our district solutions and your specific population needs. 

We understand that many Independent School Districts (ISDs) include a diverse range of schools in their system with various and highly specific needs. Our system can integrate with a multitude of other tools to allow for myriad configurations for privacy, security, communication, coordination, integrations, reporting, and more! 

Our platform can help meet grant and funding requirements set out by the US Department of Education. For Title IV  schools in your district, you can use the FetchKids platform to help meet privacy requirements to only allow authorized staff to access student and parent information. It also helps schools meet the safety requirements by ensuring students are with the correct guardian on the correct day and that all students are accounted for daily. 

Title I Schools: meet parent engagement requirements by leveraging our custom parent communication tools. Our application also reduces administration time, giving teachers more instructional time in the classrooms. It helps coordinate afterschool enrichment activities making them more appealing to busy parents because it helps track their children and keeps them informed. Let’s discuss your specific requirements and how our platform can help with reporting. 

How It Works for School Districts

  • 1st – Administrators use their desktop computers to configure their settings, import lists of parents and students or integrate with your SIS system.

  • 2nd – Parents get a customized invitation and instructions from the school. One designated parent becomes the Primary Parent with rights to manage his/her own profile and pickup schedules for his/her children. The Primary Parent may invite Authorized Adults to join pickup teams for his/her children.

  • 3rd – Staff can use their current smartphone or a school-provided tablet to access the FetchKids app with their school-administered credentials to manage pickups in the field.

  • 4th – Teachers know at a glance where each student needs to be after school and gets them to the correct places daily. School admins and/or teachers may view and print comprehensive lists detailing each child’s daily dismissal plans by grade, class, dismissal method, (including exceptions), or after-school activity.

  • 5th – Parents are empowered to make last-minute changes to pickup schedules without burdening the school staff or the guardian. Changes in schedules for children with joint-custody arrangements can be made easily between divorced parents, or with the involvement of the school.  All changes are made through the FetchKids platform and are stored in history, reducing school liability and administrative time managing joint custody situations between sometimes non-communicative parents.

  • 6th – Any type of student dismissal method can be tracked: 

    • Pickups – The Pickups Arriving list and map view keep school staff informed as to the parents’ geographic location and arrival time. The Primary Parent and school are sent notifications as each pickup is confirmed by school staff. 
    • Busses – Parents get an alert when the student gets on and off the bus.
    • Afterschool Programs – Alerts are sent when the child is picked up from afterschool programs.  
    • Carpool – Alerts are sent both to the Primary Parent and the Adult or other Parent picking up the child. 

Here are some of the features that benefit our school districts and multi-campus clients:

  • No more calls! Drop off, dismissal and after school program scheduling 

  • The app with the most accurate parent arrive times to expedite the dismissal and pickup process

  • Cloud-based – access on smartphones, desktops, and tablets with a click!

  • Integrates wonderfully with your current Student Information System (SIS)

  • Affordable tiered pricing with multi-year contract discounts


Uses APIs to easily connect with student information systems (SIS), including:

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