National Conference on Education is the most comprehensive professional learning and networking event for school superintendents and administrators.

SAN DIEGO, CA. (February 13‑15, 2020) — FetchKids participated at the National Conference on Education (NCE) by the School Superintendents Association (AASA) in San Diego last week. AASA members are children advocates and champions of the causes facing public schools in the US. They are the largest and most influential association for school system leaders and serve as their national voice, and the FetchKids team was excited to be there. 

The FetchKids team were at a booth in the exhibit hall and took part in the weeklong event that included networking, learning, and teaching. The AASA conference theme was personalization in education and included presentations discussing a variety of approaches. Our team was able to bring awareness regarding personalized safety and increased efficiency by using our student dismissal solution. 

We also attended a few of the learning sessions and presentations.  Linda Darling-Hammond, President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute in Palo Alto, CA, gave a captivating and practical presentation called, “The Possibilities and Challenges of Personalizing Education.” Attendees aimed to better understand how thoughtless approaches to “personalization,” typically substituting technology for teachers, can reduce opportunities for collaboration and undermine learning.

She said the act of learning is “catalyzed and shaped by human relationships.” With more schools underfunded, administrators are grappling with how to have desired learning outcomes of one-one instruction with fewer resources than ever before. Dr. Darling-Hammond offers reasonable solutions with the “right blend of teachers, peers, and tech.” Technology, when used appropriately, increases the personalization of the education experience. It benefits students to use technology to connect, create, explore, collaborate, and research.

Her presentation resonated with our team, as our goal is to use technology to enhance personalization and safety without impacting learning outcomes. Please schedule a personal product review. Reduce your time spent on student dismissal by 50 percent to give your teachers more time where they are needed most – with students!


AASA is the premier association for school system leaders and serves as the national voice for public education and district leadership on Capitol Hill. Members help shape policy, oversee its implementation, and represent school districts to the public at large.


With close to 3,000 public school administrators attending annually, the National Conference for Education serves as a place for staying current on trends, training, thought leadership, and networking.